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aluminum bb spacer idea thingy

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so I finally caved in and got a frame with a mid bb, one mid bearing weighs as much as like 2spanish bearings. all this extra weight is very upsetting

could it be possible to fabricate a lil aluminum spacer thingy to put between a mid bb she'll and a Spanish bearing? just a thought

Professor Horatio Hufnagel:
Mid bearing outer diameter: 41.275mm
Spanish outer diam: 37mm

A lot closer in weight than you suggest. Add in a 2.1375mm cup (with lip to locate the bearing) and the weight loss (for the MIDDLE of your bike where rotational weight is 1:1 not 2:1 or 1.5:1) and you're really not acheiving anything but overly complicating things for yourself, paying money and/or spending time on a machine

I wouldn't it simply be like an oddshaped washer with a lip on it? what if I were to use a Euro bb bearing so the thingy had more substance and less steel in the bearing? o?

Bluee are you thinking along the lines of a non concentric BB adaptor or just to fit the smaller bearings? If its just to fit the bearings  Professor Horatio Hufnagel has it cold. Think of the heavy ass old American BB adapters, not worth it.

You can save weight by not running the tube spacer. Seriously

Havenít been running one for years and the mid bearings are beefy enough to handle it


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