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looking for front tire similar to nmicroknobbie

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hey, I run a 2.25 on a narrow front rim
1.95in the back ...skinny tires are faster, aye

well I amassed a bunch of microknobbies before they stopped production and my pile is slowly dwindling, can anyone recommend me a new front tire? I imagine another racing tire should do the job
,light/folding, I think mk was like 16oz
cheap? ya, goodluck. 
I guess a very non-aggressive dirt-tire tread is what I want? my mind totally trust that snafu rim job pattern


funny thing about the most was they were half the price of a comparable tire yet every other tire I bought blew out or bubbled within the first month while the rest would get me a year


are there any forks lighter than odsy forks that you would trust with your life and my be used for "light street" ..plastic front peg

Check these out.

those tires look good, do the sidewalls hold up to 'light street'? as in does the tread extend further than any unprotected sidewall material?


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