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Different take on bearings/flange in hubs

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Spotted this on some Eurobike coverage and thought I'd post it. Sort of hub flange micro suspension that keeps the hub spinning smoother and also keeps spoke tension away from the bearings. Interesting to see a different take on this and even little things like the spherical cone nut. I wonder if it would be any benefit to BMX bikes and how that flange would look after a couple of grinds.

Narcoleptic Insomniac:
Looks like it'd be good to soften hard landings but not good for carving. Wouldn't it result in brake run on a road bike?

Suppose it could do but I think it'd be more about road vibration than actual jarring hits so it might not move enough to hit your brakes.

Which discipline of bicycling does this happen the most in where it actually makes a difference? Novel concept nonetheless

I wonder if it would wear out from flexing too much too often on a BMX.


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