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dk golf bag now considered oversized luggage +$200 each way

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word is that now airlines are charging golfbags as oversized luggage?

ive always been able to fit my bmx bike under the 62in oversized dimension standard but it takes an hour or two to pack and then i usually have to repack it again cuase fuck man ..and even then i get to the airport and they try to charge me a bike fee and i have to argue its under oversized dimensions unlike a road/mtb

so i was finally gonna cave in and get a dk golfbag which IS oversized dimensions but airlines have always waived the fee for oversized golfbags ...but not anymore
dimensions of the dk golffbag are 51" + 15 1/4" + 12" = 78in
airline oversized dimensions are 62in

anyone ever get charged fees for their dk golfbag? is anyone currently, frequently using theirs with much success, no failures?

ive flown (and bus'd) numerous times with my bmx and many times i have ALMOST been charged an extra $100+ having my bmx with me

It really depends on the airline. I've seen some airlines that charge extra for it being a bike, even though in a box and then some more for it being oversize. I usually try to get my bike in a box that is definitely under the limit and weight, and keep my mouth shut about whats in it. Golf bags can be considered "sporting equipment" and also have a $50 or more fee, even if its not oversize or overweight.

I've used the hawks nest bike bag with no issues in the pst year. Just kept it in the weight limit.

Whenever I fly budget the charge seem to be the same for bikes and golf bags. When flying major airlines I havent had to pay.

I have it and it has a good build quality. Only thing annoying is the structure. Only the bottom 20 % of the bag has a plastic cover that makes the bag flex like hell when you roll it. Not sure if the Odyssey one has more structure.

time to discontinue them. I wonder if they will allow returns for people that paid after the rule changed

Edit: looks like they are sold out


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