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Forum downtime


Sorry for the downtime.
There has been some new exploits wrecking havoc with forums, especially Vbulletin.

Also, new spam/registration protection has been implemented.

Depending on how this goes, I may re-open more common, free email registration, but I need to see how this goes first.

If that means I can use my gmail account, that would be super cool. But if not I'll be fine. I noticed the forum icons where changed for a minute when I came back on.. the "new post in this thread" icons and stuff, but they're back to the usual now.. was that a little test?

No, I overwrote them with the new ones to make sure I wasn't missing any from the update, then I put the old ones back over the top.

Just an easy way to make sure I have all of the files it needs.

EDIT; nevermind, it was a problem on my end

So has tapatalk use been implemented yet? Not trying to be antsy, but its much easier to use with smartphones (seeing that my laptop is fried)


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