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woozybmx mag:

check out this info on the stephen murray bike auctions by props.


these bikes will be sold on ebay:

Nov. 1-10 - Mat Hoffman’s Hoffman Bikes Condor
Nov. 3-12 - Chase Hawk’s Fit Hawk
Nov. 5-14 - Mike Aitken’s Fit S3 Aitken
Nov. 7-16 - Rob Wise’s Mirraco Fivestar
Nov. 9-18 - Morgan Wade’s Mutiny Captain
Nov. 11-20 - Corey Martinez’s United Trinity
Nov. 13-22 - Etnies “Ghost Rider” bike
Nov. 15-24 - Ruben Alcantara’s T1 Ruben
Nov. 17-26 - Sergio Layos’ Fly Pantera
Nov. 19-28 - Nora Cup D.C./SE P.K. Ripper
Nov. 21-30 - Tim “Fuzzy” Hall’s Redline

GOD I wish Ian Schwatz was on there

who would want fuzzy halls bike?

Elston Gunn:
Who wouldn't want Fuzzy Hall's bike?

mmm. what TT lenght does Mike Aitken ride?


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